So how does it work?
The basics of it are me and Megan contact various suppliers all over the world, China and the US are our biggest suppliers. We work out deals for wholesale to get us the best prices. For instance a tablet might be $100 retail but we set up a deal that we get them for $50 as long as we order 10 at once. This works with all products from clothing to cloth diapers, from toy cars to handmade wooden toys. We also host a few work at home moms that are willing to work with us on price if we buy wholesale from them. A lot of WAHMs have ring slings and wraps, mama cloth, and almost everything is customizable. We invoice via Paypal a secure way for you to pay us and us to pay the supplier.

Our rules

We are a “No Drama” group, and drama will not be tolerated!

We have a 3 strike policy, and once you hit 3 strikes you're out!You will receive 1 strike for not paying your invoice within the 48 hour period.You will receive 1 strike for canceling your order after the order has been invoiced.You will receive 1 strike for any drama.

You will be automatically removed for any fraudulent activity. For your security and to prevent accidental spreadsheet mishaps we do everything in forms.

Local pickup is available, depending on which host is running that buy.We will let you know where local pick up is in each buy

All payments will be invoiced via PayPal after the order has closed DO NOT MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT "COOP"  IN THE NOTES OF YOUR INVOICES. We will keep you informed as the product is on its way and when it is delivered to us, if you want any information or anything please PM or email Megan or Steffany. You will be banned if you file a claim, if you feel the need to do so contact one of us and we can sort out any issues.
All payments are due 48 hours after being invoiced, unless stated otherwise. If your payment is not received in the specified time, your order will be cancelled and you will receive 1 strike.
Shipping will be invoiced via PayPal after items have been received and sorted once again DO NOT MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT A "COOP" IN THE NOTES OF YOUR IINVOICES, we will ship the cheapest way possible unless to tell us to ship a certain way. You have 1 week to pay shipping or pick up unless otherwise arranged, if you do not pay or pick up in that week you item will be resold and you will be refunded your payment minus at 25% handling fee. Your items will be shipped to the address you enter into paypal so I suggest you enter it, you will not be refunded for entering the wrong address and not receiving your items. We will not refund if the package is lost in the mail and you did not get insurance, we will always provide tracking numbers.

Please be patient with us about delivery and sorting. We will always let you know as soon as we get any new info.

If an item is out of stock when ordering we will try and offer you another product or refund your money.
 We are not a retail store. We do not have the chance to try out or inspect any items before hand, all items are purchased sight unseen. We are not responsible for the items you bought, once you receive them. Never will you dispute a host for a refund for an item that is defective or that you don't like. That will result in immediate removal.

We do not guarantee the craftsmanship, functionality, quality or even if the item is as described. We try and sample as many as we can but it gets very costly ordering samples so we cannot always do it. None of these reasons are qualifying to enter a dispute, neither is just blatantly not liking a product. We will attempt to contact the supplier and get either refunds or replacements if the item is defective and they will usually do this but not always, any extra shipping is the buyers responsibility. Please remember we are also usually buying so not only do we fight for you we will fight for ourselves and will attempt to get the issue fixed.
Please do not discuss our prices with anyone outside of this co-op, if they are interested in seeing what we have you can invite them to the page. A lot of suppliers are very strict about not advertising the prices they offer and will refuse to work with this co-op if it is found that people are discussing these prices with people outside of the co-op.

co-op fees are a sliding scale
1-10 items $3
10-20 items $4
20-35 items $5
26-30 items $6
31+ items $7

Local pick-ups
Steffany's buys- Lebanon Ohio (between Dayton and Cincinnati)
Megan's buys- Portland Oregon

I apologize if some of this is repetitive, we just want to make sure we give you all the information right upfront. The goal of this co-op is to help each other get the best deals and items fun and useful for our families. We both have been scammed before and will never do that to anyone, we understand the fear and stress of it and are here to help you.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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What is a wholesale buying group and how does it work?